Week 3 Weigh In

Last week I was annoyed with a slight gain on the scales but I’m feeling fine about it now as I actually started my period that same day and I feel that had a fair bit to do with it.

Now, as anyone who knows me would tell you, me on a period is not a good thing when it comes to weight loss. I crave all the bad things and I often find myself in a mardy enough place to eat them … which is what I did this time around. I didn’t buy in my usual array of snacky crap so there wasn’t too much opportunity to snack in the house, but there has been take-away pizza, a Saturday night Nando’s with the hubby and a large family meal out with my hubby’s mum which also consisted of a giant slab of cake-away. The meal was a chicken curry with naan, poppadom, rice and chips and the cake was chocolate marble with chocolate buttercream icing and Skittles on top. One positive has come from that meal out though – I won’t be tempted by that cake again as Skittles on a chocolate cake is just a bit too bizarre for my liking!

After the week I’ve had I wasn’t expecting a loss at all so imagine my surprise when I found myself 1.4 lbs lighter this morning! I’ll take it!!!

Here’s hoping for another loss this week…



Two Week Blip

And what a mighty blip it’s been!

I knew that these two weeks would be a wash with regards to weight loss as we have been away on a family holiday for a week where we ate out pretty much every meal except breakfast and this second week we have had days out, where again, we have eaten nothing but crap. There has been no gym either and I had an unexpected (yet very somewhat welcome) visit from my good old Aunt Flo. She was a freakin’ witch as per usual but I don’t see her often so when she does appear I try my best to forgive her bitchy ways … that and she always makes me want cake so she earns herself forgiveness in treats even though they are not what I need for my diet. To be honest though, when she’s in town I give zero shits when it comes to healthy food – I eat whatever will make me feel good for those few moments and regret it later.

So yeah, the food situation has been dire and weight has been gained but we had a great time away as a family and now the wheels are firmly back on the tracks so I can start all over again.

Hope you’ve been well,

Deb xox